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Concussions to Motorcycle Drivers

by Dixon Law Office

motorcycleDriving a car or truck is one of the most important activities to take seriously. After all, we are driving a box of heavy metal, capable of reaching incredible speeds and, when things go wrong, creating incredible damage . It is really important that drivers pay attention to their surroundings and drive cautiously, with regard for all drivers and pedestrians in the area. Unfortunately, that is not always the case, and some drivers fail to heed certain motorists entirely. Motorcyclists, for example, often find themselves in serious accidents due to drivers in cars or trucks failing to drive carefully around them.

When you find yourself in an accident because another driver wasn't paying attention to your motorcycle or was driving aggressively, the experienced attorneys at Dixon Law Office can help. This is true regardless of the injuries “ and do not make the mistake of waving off certain injuries as "no big deal". Concussions are a common result of motorcycle accidents, and they can be far more serious than you might think. Let's take a look at some things you might not know about concussions.

Negative CT Scans
Many people are relieved when a CT scan comes back "negative" after an accident, however it is important to note that concussions DO NOT show up on CT scans. While having a scan come back negative can be good news for some injuries following an accident, the results say nothing about whether or not you are dealing with a concussion. To have them diagnosed, you'll need to speak with a healthcare professional so that they can monitor your symptoms and signs after injury and make a clinical diagnosis.

You Don't Have to Hit Your Head
Despite the belief that hitting your head causes a concussion, the fact is that you can have a concussion even if your head did not hit anything at all. If your brain is jostled, then you could have a concussion. This includes situations where your head is whipped to the side (or to the front or back) quickly, but never actually hits anything. It is the force and the motion that causes the concussion, not the physical hit to your head.

A Concussion is Serious
Any kind of traumatic brain injury is something to take seriously, and that includes a concussion. You should seek medical help immediately after an accident, and allow the doctors to diagnose you. Sometimes symptoms can last for months or years after the accident, some might not even surface for awhile. That's why it is important to document your accident and your medical care.

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