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Why You Should Talk to Your Lawyer Before You Talk to the Insurance Company Adjuster

by Dixon Law Office

business men phonecallYou are sitting on the couch in pain. It feels like every part of your body hurts. The accident was not your fault but you feel like you are the only one that is suffering. The pain occupies every moment you are awake. It hurts all the time.

Suddenly, the phone rings. The voice on the other end of the phone says she is an insurance adjuster for a company you have never heard of. They want to ask questions about the accident. They even want to take a statement. Should you speak with them?

This is one of the most common questions we get at Dixon Law Office and we hear it on almost a daily basis. Many times insurance adjusters contact victims in accidents while they are still in the hospital. Other times, it is hours, days, or even weeks later. The adjuster seems so nice and pledges to help. The adjuster promises to pay medical bills and even compensate you for your pain and suffering. All you have to do is sign a few forms and give a statement.

Should you do it?

Trained Professionals

Insurance adjusters are trained professionals. They actually go to school to learn how to talk to victims in accidents. They are trained how to ask questions to get you to say what they want you to say. Many of them have years of experience in the field. Part of this training teaches them to sympathize with the victim and act like they truly care.

Don't Be Fooled

Insurance company adjusters are paid to be sure you get little (or even better) nothing if you are a victim in an accident. Some insurance companies even give financial incentives to adjusters who pay less on claims than as expected. Do not be fooled. No matter how nice they are the insurance company adjuster wants to be sure you get as little as possible. All their questions are designed and directed to make sure they win and you lose.

They Made Promises.

Often times insurance company adjusters will make promises of compensation. Unless it is in writing these promises are almost always worthless. The adjuster will deny that the promises were made, and refuse to pay anything that was promised. Even if it is in writing (extremely rare), adjusters will tell you "things changed" and so the promised offers cannot be extended.

What should you do?

If an insurance company adjuster asks you to give a statement the best practice is to say NO, explain that you are not comfortable giving a recorded statement, and do not sign any forms.

Second, immediately contact a top personal injury lawyer for help. Dixon Law Office attorneys have been rated some of the best in the country and they have the reviews to prove it. They have helped thousands of clients get the compensation they deserve after serious accidents. They can deal with the insurance company and stop the tricks of the adjusters.

After an accident you are left with many questions. However, there should be no question who you should call to help you: Dixon Law Office. Whether a motorcycle accident, truck crash, fall at work, or medical malpractice, the attorneys and staff at Dixon Law Office can help get you the compensation you deserve. Go to or call them at (888) 354-9880. Call or click today.

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